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EPCPB001-Commissioning Management rev1 bigThe final stage in the process just before the start-up of any complex industrial installation is the Commissioning Process. After the construction stage we often see that there is a need to speed up the final stage of the project and correct all the issues that have not been clearly defined at the beginning of the project. EPC Power has specialised commissioning engineers and commissioning managers to finalize this process for you in the best possible way.

  • Advantages of the EPC commissioning approach:
  • Detailled procedures and well developed manuals;
  • Experienced managers and engineers;
  • Ready-to-use document control systems;
  • Knowledge of all necessary regulations;
  • Emphasis on quality and safety;
  • Strong and reliable contacts with notified bodies;
  • Holistic approach, based on thorough knowledge of previous steps in the process

In many cases, we also manage other important disciplines within the project. In these cases the commissioning process is usually very well integrated in the circle of activities that leads to operation of your industrial installation.

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