EPC Power

EPC Power Management is founded in 1999 upon market request for independent project management services in the petro-, chemical & industrial environment. In case special extensive experience with large multidiscipline engineering contracters and lumpsum turnkey projects is required, EPC Power Management provides support. Since 2002 we are introduced in the international power plant & incineration industry.
What commenced as separate full time reimbursement of personnel is developed since in to small pro-active project teams on an 'as-required' basis.


The project management approach went from flexibility in to creativity requiring - next to the solid technical basis - even more of the communication and organization skills of our personnel. Our services are overall project management, Front End Loading (FEL) process management, engineering management, procurement & sub-contracting management, construction management, project controls & management. In some cases we will provide project specialist support also.


Due to this approach our personnel is used to working in a flexible project environment, are well known to each other - SWOT- and in constant search for the best project managerial solution for the client.


For EPC Power Management we envision an open and highly motivating company culture as the best basis for human well being and continuous improvement. This will be our basis for steady and controlled growth in the coming years.